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Property investment is often defined by the question, how many properties are needed to achieve financial freedom in the Australian residential investment property market?

Of course there is no set and simple answer to this question. The are many factors that dictate the answer. Some of these factors include; the value of the properties in the first place, the amount you are getting as a rental return, months of continuous rental, maintenance issues, and interest rates as dictated by the Federal Reserve Bank and passed on by your lender.

Some of these factors can be controlled by you so that they are not left to chance.
Let me explain.

By purchasing a property in the right area you vastly increase your chance of making a good return on your property. You can even go one better than that by buying a block of land in a new subdivision in a growth corridor of Melbourne or Sydney. The land will almost always increase in value on it titles, further, once your house is built you have an excellent chance of the property going up in value even further. Essentially the sum of the parts is greater than their individual value in this case.

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