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Wealth from Property

Stop and think for a moment, what do you hope to achieve by the time you are 40, 50 or 60?

Those dreams are more attainable then you think.
Dynamic 8 Property is your complete solution for starting a
property investment portfolio. We care about
property and we care about you. We will be there
every step of the way from your first purchase to
building an investment portfolio for years to come.
Top reasons to invest in property.

Population Growth - Australia's population is booming,
with population expected to grow to 35 million by 2050,
not to mentioned the over 1,700 people migrating into
Victoria every week. With these rates, there will need
to be six million new dwellings built in the next 50 years.
Currently, there are not enough rental properties to house
the booming population with vacancy rates hovering at 1.7
percent and below. This is sending rental rates to record
high as demand outweighs supply.

Tax Breaks - Australia offers unique tax benefits to property
investors. Investors can take advantage of these benefits
through negative gearing, meaning that you can use tax to work
for you not against. Such as receiving money from the tax
office every week in your paycheck.*

Bricks and mortar has a proven track record of increasing in value
and providing profitable returns for investors. With several factors
working towards property investor's favor, there has never been a
better time like the present to start a property portfolio.

* "You must obtain independent tax advice to determine how much tax you can save or how much extra income you can earn as personal circumstances may differ and we do not provide tax advice"


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