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Testimonials from some of our happy Clients


'I was very satisfied with the service received at Dynamic 8, being offered purchase of an off the plan large property on a significant sized land, this being in a high-growth area of Melbourne suburbs. I was advised on all steps of the process, with Roslyn also attending to my queries at any time and including Saturday nights when I called presenting any questions I had. I was at all times advised on the progress of the building and advised on when I needed to finalize by obtaining insurance and connecting water/electricity to the property, all matters that would have been hard to organize on my own. My property was rented out the same day of completion by using the real
estate agency recommended by Dynamic 8. I would like to present my satisfaction with the service received further recommending Dynamic 8 to future customers'
Monica Lind

"I cannot thank you all enough for attending to this issue with such professionalism and so quickly. I always say it is how a business deals with the issues that clearly defines the character of any company. Sadly in today's environment most businesses fail.
Not Dynamic8 and AHB. Your integrity and honesty has been amazing. I call what you did the WOW factor. Again....thank you so much and I look forward to continuing our relationship with you all"

"I would like to thank the team of Dynamic 8 Property for providing us with a hassle-free way to achieve a very economic investment property. From the first concept to the tenant, all procedures were handled very professionally. Thank you & well done."
Jamie & Nicky Cadzow

"We would like to extend our appreciation on a professional job that Dynamic 8 Property did helping us secure a great investment property. Dynamic 8 Property is a bunch of professional and friendly people.
Your ability to clearly communicate with us as your client is a great asset to have; one that we know other builders and developers do not possess.

We were so thankful that you kept us updated daily and that if we had questions you were prompt in finding the answers and getting back to us quickly. Your honesty and clarity made for a smooth progression of events in getting the house up and finished.

There are not enough words to go on paper to explain how comfortable I felt working with you. Dynamic 8 Property should be proud of their construction and of their honest manner in dealing with clients. You certainly have built a reputation that is well deserved. Thank you Anthony & Sophie!"
Vivek Singh

"My name is Hunter Leonard,
I built with Dynamic 8 Property, an investment property. One of the things the guys did really well was that they were able to tell us the areas that would do well in terms of capital gain and they were certainly right.

We were able to get a significant capital gain on this in the last year since we've purchased the house.

So well down guys and we'll do it again."
Hunter Leonard

"Hi my name is Julie
I'm in the process at the moment of investing in property. I've been fortuned enough to come across a group of people named Dynamic 8 Property that have been able to lead me and put me in the right direction.

They give me hope for my future whenever I've had issues or problems. They've always been there, they've kept me up to date, their customer service is to die for and I'm really really happy with all the help for everything they've done for me and I'm so looking forward to the future.

Thank you very much Dynamic 8 Property."
Julie Hall

"Hi my name is Jasmeen,
We just moved to Dynamic 8 Property to get up our investment property done which was a house and land package in Wyndham Vale. That was the first time we had a house and land package done. Dynamic 8 Property have been there in the very beginning to the very end of the building process.

They were really good at giving back feedback, by giving monthly feedback reports. Had actions on spots we've had an issue on and their overall process was really good.

Sophie and Anthony have done a great job and we would really want to thank them for that."
Jasmeen Grover

"I was searching for a way to safely invest my wages, trying to prepare for the time when I could retire and no longer exchange my labour for wages. I attended a promotion for Anthony's business - at that time it was known as deal property group. Of course this was presented in a very positive light, and when the process was explained to me, it sounded like a very possible exercise. I decided to take a chance.
The promoters seemed very plausible. I knew I was taking a risk, but I was encouraged by their enthusiasm, and by their veracity.
This seemed to be an opportunity to grow wealth for security etc. The steps seemed exciting (though daunting), and relatively easy to follow with expert guidance. Any investment is likely to have an element of risk, and is also likely to hold an aspect of apprehension if it is the first introduction to this kind of exercise. However, Sophie - the client general manager, and Anthony, helped me feel safe. I felt I could trust their advise, and together we began my involvement in property investment.
From my point of view, the commitment of my future earnings in this way, is very adventurous and very audacious. I feel my unease is alleviated by the friendly and professional manner in which Anthony and Dynamic 8 Property conduct business and relate to myself. I feel with Anthony and his team's assistance, I can have a future which will allow me security, and one day, the possibility of departure from the 40 hr working week."
Bernadette Jones

"Dear Anthony and Sophie

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your support throughout the purchasing and building process of our new home in Pakenham.

The experience of dealing with you both has always been positive and I have appreciated your pro-active response to any problems or concerns that I expressed along the way. Your are true professionals, with a "customer satisfaction" driven ethos. I always felt that you cared and that you were determined to iron things out.

I would heartily recommend your services to other investors, including my own friends and family (always a risk!), and look forward to the opportunity to do business with you again in the future.

Maryanne Alderson