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Buying an Investment Property

How to Invest in Property for Wealth Creation

Buying an investment property can be a daunting experience,
but with the right guidance and professional assistance can be
done easily and without difficulty.

The process is easy:

✓ Make an appointment with your Dynamic 8 Property
Consultant who will guide you through the following

✓ Selecta  a piece of land in a growth area that should provide
increased value and high tenancy

✓ Depending on your financial situation,  apply for and obtain
finance at the appropriate rate and settle on the land

✓ Get a design and all needed extras worked out on the dwelling
to be built on your site that is optimised for a renter,
but leaves you with growth asset

✓ With the help of your accountant (or one we can provide for you)
and a tax depreciation specialist (a Quantity Surveyor),
we will work out your tax position and ensure your property is
correctly geared and all available deductions are worked out
("You must obtain independent tax advice to determine how
much tax you can save or how much extra income you can earn
as personal circumstances may differ and we do not provide tax advice")

✓ Get the property built rapidly

✓ Tenants are procured and leases signed

✓ All ongoing maintenance and property management is taken care of

✓ Available equity is leveraged to get into your next investment property. You are on the road to financial freedom


Contact Dynamic 8 Property today and we can get you started in your journey to buying investment property.

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