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Where to Invest In Property

A guide to Buying an Investment Property in Melbourne or Sydney

One of the most important considerations when
buying an investment property is where to buy
your investment property.

Not all areas are the same,
some offering more than others.

The primary considerations that should
be looked at include:

Cost: A lower than median cost for land, with
the expectation that there will be strong growth in
the short to medium term. Land in some outer suburbs
or newly released estates can remain under valued
for some time, but as these areas become more
and more populated, their price always comes up to the
average house price for that city.

Additionally, land in some growing country towns
may be worth looking at. Of course other factors
enter in here, but this may be an appropriate strategy for some.


Rental vacancy rate: Different areas have different levels
of tenancy. There are areas that right now have close to full tenancy
of all available rental stock, and with an increasing population in
those areas, this is set to continue.

Local amenities and infrastructure: While this point will
result in both price and rental vacancy rate, it bears mentioning
separately. Availability of local schools, public transport, roads,
shopping and other facilities effects the amenity of the area, and
plans for future construction and land release will be impacted by
the inclusion or lack of these.

It should be noted that an investment property need not be located
anywhere near where you live. You are in essence building a
business here, and the property is the asset. Since other people
will be managing the property for you through construction and
subsequent renting, you need never physically visit the property.

There are several areas ideal for Property Investment in Melbourne
and Sydney, and others in more rural areas of Australia. The team at
Dynamic 8 Property have selected specific areas and are able to secure land
in these areas, despite in some cases extremely high demand.

If you would like to discuss where you should buy your next investment property

Contact Dynamic 8 Property Investment today

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